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are very fond of adventure.   You must somehow achieve this
task, and protect the family."
Papayya promised to march against the fort at once and
capture it by escalade. He gathered together troops from
Arani, Genji and Velur; then he despatched letters to the
powerful chiefs of the forts of Tindivanam, Tiruvadi, Valada-
puram, Vandavasi, Grotftru, Tiruvatturu, Asamanduru, Kathile
and Arcot, the petty chiefs of Madhura and Tanjavur, the
dependents from the neighbourhood of Padaividu with their
powerful horse, and rutting elephants, and the palaigars of Nelli-
patla, Gudipadxt and 2Lmur, soliciting their help. When these
chiefs came with their forces, cutting open the bags, he dis-
tributed money among them. He completed his preparations,
and marched with great pomp to Uttaramallur, where he lay
encamped eagerly expecting to fight the enemy. Some of his
friends attempted to dissuade Papayya from fighting with
Yacama, as they were convinced that he would be defeated in
the battle ; but he turned a deaf ear to their advice. With a
force of 100 elephants, 2,000 fully armoured horses, several
foot-soldiers, 6,000 archers, 4,000 or 5,000 rockets  .......match-
lockmeu 16,000 lancers, etc,, he delivered an attack upon the
eastern side of the fort of Uttaramallilr with great clamour.
When Yacama saw the army of the enemy, he resolved to
deliver an attack immediately, though he had only 3,000 soldiers
to oppose an army of 30,000. In the battle^that ensued, forty
chiefs that were in the front line including Gradepudi Ayyana,
Kotapati Oennappa Kr§nappa, Keti Reddi, Cintapatla Obanna
and Candinini Venganna were killed. Damerla Oennappa,
who was wounded while fighting boldly with the enemy, waa
taken prisoner; and hundred others recuved wounds. Th«
head of Davala Papayya who was fiercely charging the enemj
was cut off \ Kalive Venkataraju, and his nephew, Ayyaparaju
PSnem Ramaraju, Cina Oi^ambararaju, and several otheri
were put to death. The elephants were captured, and th
torses were slain> the troopers, the archers, the dischargers o
rockets, and the lancerg were harassed.